KUSC - Kingston University Sailing Club

Officers Of The Club

Kris (President)

Kris is in his second year at Kingston and was an active member of the sailing club last year. He is a very experienced sailor. He loves people and is a bit of a playboy, regularly misbehaving! He is based in Penryhn Road. Him and our secretary can be found regularly propping up the bar at oceana on a wednesday!

Amy (Webmaster & Secretary)

Amy is a first year Business with Law student. She has alot of website experience and is responsible for all the work done at KUSC.co.uk she also has another website: AmyStringer.co.uk. She is very bubbly and loves people. Being the only female officer she knows how to stick up for herself too!

James (Team Captain & Bosun)

James is in charge of all boat related matters, whether it is racing or repairs. He has had many years of racing experience. Being a bit of a ladies man he is probably scouting round oceana or any of the unions as we speak!

Martin (Treasurer)

Martin is our man with the money! This friendly viking can be found sailing with us on a sunday and out about with us on a wednesday night!